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Today,(12thMay,2016), marks the beginning of a new Nigerian Dream and Reality.

Considering the multi-farious, multi-dimensional&miss -appropriation of the nation’s pursuit of its development, directly or indirectly should be considered imperative, therefore Arise o compatriots, arise from the age long slumber, and come let us build a new Nigeria where logic is overpowered by optimism.

Life International Foundation Incorporation. A  Non-Governmental and non-profit Organization is one of the foremost Humanitarian Charity Organization, South of Sahara, whose activities are geared toward alleviating the suffering of the less privileged Nigerians.

Incorporated in New YorkCity, on 12th May 1999, registered according to 501 (c)(3) of the International Revenue Code of 1986. Also registered in New Jersey and Texas allin U.S.A respectively.

LIFI is also registered in Nigeria, in 2004 with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) under the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990, with Registration No It/cert.16397.

A member of the National Anti-corruption Coalition (NACC) of the Independent Corruption Practices and other Related Offences Commission. (ICPC) welcomes you to this World Press Conference to support the ‘‘Change Mantra’’ and to contribute in deepening the principles of Up-rightness, Patriotism & Citizenship.

The present Government is facing the reality of our time and damning all negative consequences andfighting improprieties in government. We are resolved to compliment the ‘’Change Mantra” through the forth-coming National Summit (July 2016) and to establish a new path of prosperity which all Nigerians can again be proud of, anywhere in the world.

We are obliged to winning the battle of hearts and mindsets of Nigerians on Civic-Responsibility towards True Nationalism, Patriotism & Citizenship through National Psychological Re-Birth by organizing a (2) DayNational Anti-Corruption Summit/Workshop.

All efforts at developing Nigeria had in the main time, tended to be unsuccessful.  The basics of this failure,  lies in  the inability  to ‘‘change” from a colonial mono-economy into an independent, industrialized and diversified economy that is broadly creative, original and self- generating and thus capable of meeting the varied needs of the country’s population and those of the Nigerian state.

Nigerian Values, Ethics and Norms are objects inherited or handed down from our forebears as physical, natural, stock endowment and the way the people perceive themselves and are perceived by others.

Through Psychological Re-Birth, Social groups recognize their own identity and commit them to pass it on to future generations in a better and enriched form. Every country in the world is either on the Demand side of Economic supremacy through Zero-Tolerance for corruption and the other corrupt people supplies their citizens into nose diving economic disaster.

In collaboration with relevant Government Agencies, we are strategically poised to:

  1. Unite all Nigerians in the Psychological war against corruption and to evoke the excellent Nigerian spirit of good neighborliness.
  2. Adaptation and Utilizationof the Art & Science of Psychology.
  3. Raising the Giants in our elements as Nigerians
  4. Identifying what is the ‘’Nigerian Dream’’.
  5. Fulfilling the Expectations and Aspirations of the ‘’Nigerian Dream’’ through sustainable solutions to the menace of corruption in the Nigerian society.
  6. The Summit/Workshop will highlight the Values, Ethics and Norms that is typically Nigerian.
  7. A Bridge-Building National Summit/Workshop in support of the Buhari-Osinbajo
  8. To lay solid foundation of “incorrigibility’’for the next generation that is proudly Nigerian.
  9. Encourage and Imbibe single mindedness of purpose.
  10. Turn the fortunes of the country round to success and prosperity.
  11. Growing from poverty to affluence and from under-development to modernity.
  12. Bridge Trust Deficit between the good people of Nigeria and the Federal Government of Nigeria.
  13. Reverse the present situation to a National life of economic buoyancy and social prosperity, which is heartening and to be sustained at all levels of government and the entire populace.
  14. Initiate a Psychological “Armor” to defend Nigeria and to compliment the Federal Government efforts to stigmatize corruption in Nigeria.

Corruption in all ramifications remains the Psychological assault inflicted on others in the society and the bane of our developmental efforts.Corruption is ravaging and destroying the moral fabrics of our collective existence as well as our cultural and Traditional esteemed values as a people.

The Summit/Workshop is a deliberate and conscious attempt for  the Re-Birth of our National Psyche on Citizenship, Patriotism and Nationalism as it requires Evaluation, Verification and Certification, which calls for the needful, for every Nigerian to attain, prior  to the age of Adulthood Eighteen (18)years old.

In the strive to raise ‘’The Bar” for “Zero Tolerance’’ of corrupt practices in Nigeria, critical stakeholders and political Analysts do agree that the grand scale of the ‘’Evil” is pushing the county down the abyss of National self-destruction.

Life International Foundation Incorporation are Nigerian Professionals of diverse backgrounds, Culture Enthusiasts, Students of History, Concerned Optimists, searching for the “Nigerian Dream’’. Patriots with common sense of actualization of the highest standard of living for all Nigerians.

The ‘’New Nigerian Dream”is  to live  a Decent Life, Good Home, Secured Income,  Good Marriage (Before Thirty (30)years of age, Social Security and Food Security for all,  Good health, Good Road and Wealth Re-distribution for Longevity.

There exists in Nigeria Moral corruption, official corruption, Religious corruption, Systems corruption, Legal corruption, Institutional corruption, Electoral corruption, Political corruption,to reward honesty and punish culprits. This will save the soul of Nigeria. Establish impeccable professional standards in the conduct of official business in Nigeria. Application of bottom-up approach for pro-active development of Psychological creativity that nurtures organizational start-ups and stimulate growth, attracting natural endowment.

To display who qualifies to be called a ‘’Nigerian”, must be Honest, Patriotic, Transparent, Zealous, Responsible, Responsive, Compassionate, Brave, Tolerant, Selfless, Sensitive, Hardworking, Loyal, Nationalistic, Noble, Humane, Creative with very high self-esteem and  Empathetic.

Erase or Eliminate the ‘’Tag” of Nigeria being one of the most corrupt Nation in the world. Uplift intellectual core professional best Global practices. Educational platform for etiquette, integrity, discipline and leadership.

Projected to be declared open by His Excellency, President & Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Federal Republic of Nigeria,President Muhammadu Buhari, to be supported by

The Vice President

Hon Minister of Federal Capital Territory

Hon Minister of Interior

Hon Minister of Justice

Inspector Gen of Police (IGP)

Hon Minister of Finance

Hon Minister of Youths & Sports

Executive Chairman: Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

Executive Chairman: Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission (ICPC)

Anti-Corruption Coalition

Hon. Justice Mustafa Akanbi (Rtd)

Hon. Justice Ayoola (Rtd) etc.

The Theme of the Summit/Workshop: National Psychological Re-Birth of Civic Responsibility towards Citizenship, Patriotism & Nationalism. ‘’Nigeria and the Change Mantra”.

To feature sophisticated presentations and stimulate panel discussions as well as a ‘’Captains Dinner” fostering World Class Executive Integrity. Good governance, true leadership and globalization of local confidence built  to translate into enduring prosperity for Nigeria . (Africa’s largest market).

Global partners, foremost experts, diplomats, corporate multi-nationals, International Business Executives, Management Consultants and Specialists, Conglomerates of investors, scholars and other stakeholders will craft and design the “template’’ for National Psychological Re-Birth to advance the nation.

We advocate National Psychological Re-Birth, Reconciliation, Re-Structuring, Re-Positioning and Re-Engineering the Nigerian mindsets based on social security.

Summit/Workshop Sessions: TOPICS

  • Strategic Legal Application of sustainable solution to the menace of corruption in the society ‘’ The Chinese Experience”

Speaker: Ambassador Deng Boqing. (Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria)

  • National Psychological Re-birth of civic Responsibility towards citizenship, Patriotism& Nationalism in Nigeria.

Speaker: Dean, Faculty of Psychology

              University of Abuja.

  • Integrity of Public Financial Accountability, Public Procurement, Revenue and Expenditure, Internal Financial Controls.

Speaker: Governor: Central Bank of Nigeria.

  • Emerging Economy in the Developing World ‘’West African Sub-Regional Experience”

Speaker: President: ECOWAS COUNCIL

  • Civic Education: Mobilizing and Monitoring Nigerian School’s Curriculum on Citizenship, Patriotism and Nationalism.

Speaker: Executive Secretary

Nigerian University Commission.

Fellow Nigerians and Friends of Nigeria,

Today’s event is the out-come of over Eight (8) months of Research, Consultations, Investigations and Appraisals, of our Psychological ‘’Attitude” to the development of our fatherland.

Today, we unveil a life-long journey to Re-awake(Re-Birth) and gain our lost glory, the good spirit of Nigerianism in our elements and to say ‘’good-bye” to poverty in Nigeria.

Noteworthy, is the fact that producing the Psychological “template’’ for Citizenship, Patriotism and Nationalism ‘’stands tall” in the conviction that,‘’positive change” is desirable and achievable.

Some other well-meaning Nigerians and civil society organizations have  put their support behind the fight against corruption by encouraging the Government not to compromise its position even as corruption “Fights Back’’.

The rising calls for the establishment of special Courts to prosecute corrupt public officerscannot be ignored. At this year’s Workers (May) Day celebration, 2016 in Abuja, the leadership of the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) added their strong voices to the need for creating Special Anti-Corruption Courts, as investigations haveshownthatthe volume and quantum of financial crimes committed till date in Nigeria, is overwhelming, for the conventional courts, hence the need for the Special Courts in order to achieve quick dispensation of justice in Nigeria.


NEITI, TUGAR, UNIDO, EFCC, ICPC, Amnesty International, Federal Ministry of Finance, Federal Ministry of Budget & National Planning, Peoples Republic of China, Nigerian Security Printing & Minting Company, Federal Ministry of Education, Federal Ministry of Interior, (Immigration & Customs Service), Nigeria Police , NIMASA, Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress ( TUC), National Boundary Adjustment Commission, National Population Commission, Nigeria Security and Civil Defense, Public Procurement, Office of the Secretary of the Federation  Head of Service, African Union of Convention on Prevention and Combating Corruption, United Nations Commission on International Law, Faith Based Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions, International  Public Sector Accounting Standard Board, Federal Tenders Board, Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development.


Once again, future Nigerians, it’s our considered opinion that, this National Anti-Corruption Summit/Workshop (July 2016)is part of our contribution to ‘’Change” and to welcome the “New Nigeria” which we all belong.

We shall seize this opportunity to appeal onto the good natured individuals and corporate Organizations, to generously sponsor the forth-coming National Summit/Workshop on National Psychological Re-Birth of Civic Responsibility towards, Citizenship, Patriotism& Nationalism for mileage and visibility.

  • For Sponsorships: Please contact us on the following numbers, 08034509733, 08100228715


  • Thank you for honoring our invitation and thanks for listening to us.

We hope to meet you at the Summit/Workshop in July, 20th – 22nd2016. And I pray for you all, as you go back to your various destinations.

Remember to pray for Nigeria Always.

Thank You And God Bless Federal Republic Of Nigeria



Life International Foundation Incorporation

14th May, 2016.

Abuja, Nigeria.